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Send Your Listing to over 109K Principals and Brokers

Like using our services but would like to save some money on your monthly marketing spend with us? Use our subscription based model to make that possible.

$0.00/1st Month
  • $449/ month after
  • 3 Month Commitment Required
  • 3 National Email Blasts
  • Priority Sending
  • HTML Email Design
  • Email Marketing Report
$0.00/1st month
  • $629/ month after
  • 3 Month Commitment Required
  • 5 National Email Blasts
  • Everything in Silver +
  • Custom Email Marketing Reports
  • Webpage Template Setup
  • Weekly Check In
$0.00/ 1st month
  • $1099/ month after
  • 3 Month Commitment Required
  • 10 National Email Blasts
  • Everything in Gold +
  • Same Day Scheduling
  • Access to Select Investors


We’ve teamed up to bring you the most active 3rd party CRE marketing database in the country because we were tired of seeing CRE pros throw their money away with other services, with no real insight on how many emails were going out, how the email performed ( opens, clicks, downloads ). 

We’ve been working to segment this list to send your listing to an interested targeted audience, which we are happy to announce that has been completed! We’re successful because we can take past interaction with emails, the website, and our preference center to tell us what kind of real estate each professional is looking to receive. Mutli-family, Retail, Office, Mixed-Use, and even Hotel properties!